Coaching Requirements

Dayton Icehounds Youth Hockey requires all of our coaches to be properly certified and screened in accordance with USA Hockey, Mid-American District, State, and local rules and regulations.

All coaches must wear a HECC certified helmet at all times on the ice. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What are the steps to becoming a certified coach?*

Step 1: Register with USA Hockey. You must choose the Player/Coach option in order to help on the ice. This is an annual registration process. The registration number will be used to register with us.

Step 2: Register with us.

Step 3: Go through the USA Hockey background screening . Background screens must be completed every two (2) seasons. You must have a current season USA Hockey confirmation number to apply for a background screen. Once the screen is complete, the Registrar will be notified.

Step 4: Take the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program. Safe Sport must be now be renewed EVERY season by either re-taking the entire Safe Sport Program or by participating in a thirty (30) minute, online renewal course. Confirmation is automatic to the Registrar.

Step 5: Take the NFHS Concussion Course and submit the completion certificate to the Registrar. The Concussion Course must be completed every three (3) years.

Step 6: View the Lindsay's Law training video and read the Lindsay's Law Literature.

Step 7: Register for the appropriate Coaching Education Program (CEP). This is a stair-stepped process that will require a new level each of the first three years. Complete information on the CEP requirements is available on the USA Hockey Website.

Step 8: Take the appropriate USA Hockey online age specific module. Once an age specific module has been completed, it does not have to be repeated. If you will be coaching a different (or multiple) age level, an age specific module will need to be completed for the new (or each of the multiple) age divisions

On-Ice Helpers

Our youngest age levels require a lot of on-ice assistance. While we prefer to have everyone fully certified, there may be occasions where we need some help with the little ones. For those interested in helping out with those age levels, a minimum of steps 1 through 4 -- outlined above -- are required.

We hope that you will have so much fun in these situations that you'll go ahead and become fully certified as your child grows through the program.

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